In order to prevent intergenerational offending, the Yellow Ribbon Fund-ISCOS Fairy Godparent Programme (FGP) helps the children of ex-offenders from low-income families to pursue a good education and acquire positive life skills. We also extend friendship and support to the beneficiaries and their family members so that they can aspire towards achieving a better future.

Key FGP Initiatives

Anchored on three components: Student Development, Family Support and Home Environment, the programme supports the children in various initiatives listed below:

YRF-ISCOS-Fairy Godparent Programme

Bursary Award
The Bursary Award rewards students who demonstrate dedication and perseverance in schools. Student beneficiaries who achieve above average results in their final examinations, despite their challenging circumstances, are eligible for the award. Every award recipients will receive a cash reward ranging from $300 to $500, which can be used to pay for essential school items or supplement any other educational needs.

Tuition Bursary
Sponsored Tuition is specifically tailored to support underperforming students who require help to build a stronger foundation in English and/or Mathematics in order to understand and keep abreast with the lessons taught in schools. The selected beneficiaries will be provided professional tuition lessons at MOE-accredited tuition centres.

Setting up a Home Study Corner (LEAP)

The Learning Environment Assistance Project (LEAP) is introduced for families who do not have a conducive home study area for their children. Supported by corporate partners and volunteers, ISCOS provides them with study tables and chairs (and reorganisation, if required). For a lasting impact, caseworkers will also share with parents and caregivers on available learning resources within the neighbourhood, stressing on the importance of having a conducive study environment.

Children’s Enrichment Workshops

ISCOS works with corporate partners and volunteers to organise children’s enrichment workshops and family bonding activities with emphasis on positive values, life skills, and family stability.

How You Can Support

Volunteer as a Mentor
We need mentors, 18 to 55 years old, who can serve as positive role models or older brother/sister to our beneficiaries. Experience the joy of making a difference to the life of a child! For more information, please call Nicholas at 6743 7885 or email

Adopt / Donate to FGP
We invite socially responsible organisations and individuals to adopt FGP as your programme of choice. Donations will be entitled to 2.5 times tax deduction benefits. Kindly make your cheques payable to “Yellow Ribbon Fund” and mail to our office: 237 Alexandra Road #04-19 The Alexcier Singapore 159929.

Please indicate “YRF-ISCOS FGP” at the back of your cheques for allocation to our programme.

For more details, please contact Jo Anne at 6805 0806 or email

Other Collaborations
If you have interesting ideas or corporate offerings for potential collaboration with ISCOS, we would like to hear from you! Please email Thank you.

Key Partners