Jabez’s Story

“I grew up without a father in my life, due to my parents’ divorce when I was very young. I feel that I should not let my child down because I’ve gone through that kind of experience. I want to be more responsible towards my kids. I have one child of my own and another […]


Hamzah’s Story

 “While I was inside (prison), what really struck me was the sacrifices made by my spouse. She waited for me for 40 months, giving me a second chance. That’s the really super marvellous thing she did. She could have just left me with four kids, like how I left her. And I didn’t leave anything […]


Azlan’s Story

“My motivation for staying out is to support my family. So now I’ve stopped a lot of things. I stopped hanging out with friends, stopped all the partying and nightlife, and just hope to save the money for my family. I currently operate a Western food stall at Thye Hong Centre and occasionally other food […]


Positive mind, promising future

Not many women with incarceration background would be willing to share their life story. But Hujibah is no ordinary woman. At a tender age of 18, Hujibah was already struggling with marital, motherhood and family issues. To make things worse, her frequent fights with her husband caused by their differences eventually led to divorce. Sensing […]


Striving For A New Beginning

At 40, Azmi is full of hope for the future and is a pillar of strength for his family of five. Such positivity and mental strength did not come easy to him. Since the age of 14, Azmi was incarcerated nine times for drug-related offences and rioting. Even though he knew what he was doing […]


Grit and Determination Reaps Results

Shahlis, 13, has been an ISCOS beneficiary under the Yellow Ribbon Fund-ISCOS Fairy Godparent Programme (FGP) for three years now. Her father, an ISCOS member, is currently unemployed which makes her mother the sole breadwinner of the family. It has been difficult for them to make both ends meet but despite her family’s financial challenges, […]


Starting Anew

For most people hitting 40 years old, they would have been established in their career and settled down. But for Mazlan, aged 47 years, he has just started his life of normalcy a few years ago. From the age of 18 till his early 40s, Mazlan had been in and out of prison, throwing away […]