January 2018 - Famous chef Gordon Ramsay meets 80 Singaporean youth


December 2017 - Helping Families of Offenders Reach Their Potential (Home Team News)
December 2017 - Husband in Jail, Wife Stays Strong for the Children (Berita Harian)
December 2017 - $40,000 Worth of Bursary Awards Given to Children of Offenders and Ex-offenders (Berita Harian)
December 2017 - Not Giving In to Hard Times,
Children Of Ex-Offender Win Bursary Awards (Lian He Zao Bao)

December 2017 - Siblings Do Ex-Offender Mum Proud with Bursary Awards (The Straits Times)
December 2017 - Children of Offenders receive $40,000 of Bursary Awards (Tamil Murasu)
December 2017 - They Work Nights to Help Family of 10 (The New Paper)
December 2017 - Fresh Out of Prison, and Trying to Keep Up with Singapore (Channel NewsAsia Online)

September 2017 - Commentary: Reintegrating ex-offenders a noble cause, but into what kind of a society? (Channel NewsAsia Online) 
September 2017 - Helping older ex-inmates assimilate into society (The Sunday Times)
July 2017 - Beyond the four walls (The AlumNUS Magazine)  This interview first appeared in the July-September 2017 issue of The AlumNUS magazine – NUS’ quarterly alumni magazine.
May 2017 - Bonding in bad times (The Sunday Times)
April 2017 - She helps ex-inmates get back on their feet (The Straits Times)


December 2016 - Bursaries for children of ex-offenders (The New Paper)
December 2016 - Goldbell-YRF-ISCOS Bursary Awards (Shin Min Daily)
December 2016 - Her mother, aunt, grandparents are ex-cons (The Straits Times)
December 2016 - ISCOS Bursary Awards for 193 students (Berita Harian)
December 2016 - This is the best of you (PopClub Magazine)
November 2016 - Rare family outing for kids whose parents were jailed (The Straits Times)
March 2016 - Fairy tale endings for difficult stories (Trafigura Annual Report)


December 2015 - They’re rich with love (The New Paper)
December 2015 – Tee For Fund (Prestige Magazine)
September 2015 – Less privileged children get driven around in luxury cars (TODAY Newspaper)
September 2015 - An event that brought back good old memories (Tamil Murasu)
June 2015 – $500k for ‘Fairy Godparent’ scheme (The Straits Times, Home)
June 2015 – Giving children of ex-offenders a confidence boost (TODAY)
June 2015 – Irene Ang: My neighbours thought I was going to become a prostitute (The New Paper Online)
May 2015 – Shared ex-offenders’ database for agencies (AsiaOne)
March 2015 – Banking help for ex-offenders on the way (AsiaOne) 


July 2014 – Learning Environment Assistance Project (LEAP) (Lianhe Zaobao)
July 2014 – Fairy Godparent Programme (Shin Min Daily News)
May 2014 – Help group for ex-offenders raises $500,000 through gala anniversary dinner (The Straits Times)

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